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Principles of Drawing and Painting
Intensive Introduction (suitable for beginner to intermediate students)

Good design starts with a sketchbook and pencil. Understanding the basic principles of drawing helps to refine and hone your design concepts and clearly communicate your ideas in different media. Learn the difference between linear and empirical perspective as you strengthen your hand-to-eye coordination, creating shapes and three-dimensional forms on a flat surface. After the basics of pencil drawing, explore the differences between watercolor, acrylics and oil painting, and how to adopt the right method for specific people, places, things, and ideas. Bring all of your creative inspirations to life on paper and canvas using the same basic principles and tools that successful artists rely upon. Learn how to:

  • draw straight lines and basic shapes without the help of a ruler or other tools

  • create shapes and three-dimensional forms on a flat surface

  • judge proportion by eye and with pencil in the hand

  • understand the fundamentals of perspective, figure, and form

  • design and layout a balanced composition in proper proportion

  • draw with different types of tools such as a pencil, crayons,
    ink, and charcoal

  • use colors to paint in pastels, watercolor, and acrylic, based
    on your pencil sketches

  • utilize color theory in different techniques and practices to
    achieve desired effects with color (color theory)

  • acrylic and watercolor together

  • oil painting on paper and canvas

  • create several sketches, drawings, and paintings along the way

Experience the mystery and delight of bringing the world, your world, to life on paper and canvas, as you learn to transform your own interpretation of people, places, and things into compelling works of art.

Course Title: Drawing and Painting I
Tuition Fee: RMB 3200
Material Fee: RMB 200

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