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Web Design and Development
Web Design and Development
Intensive Introduction (suitable for beginner to intermediate students)
Taught by: Agnes Haryuni

Dreamweaver: Web sites from design to launch
  Graphics creation and motion graphics
  HTML and CSS(cascading style sheet)
  Creating and implementing Java scripts
  Web-site publishingand management
  Domain name andhosting (i.e. how does a Web address actually "work")
  Online tools andother useful software
  Security related issues
  Browser compatibility/incompatibility
  Troubleshooting inHTML Develop attractive, easy-to-use Web interfaces utilizing a variety of applications.
Web Esthetics do's and don'ts
 Week 1: Internet andcopyright (WWW consortium) Browsers and compatibility Software for Web DesignWhat is design? First look at the Dreamweaver 8 interface Creating your firstbasic page
Week 2: Design Guidelines part 1. What is the esthetics ofwebsite? Why is design more than just the looks? What are tags? Creating abasic page in Notepad 
Week 3: Design Guidelines part 2. Layout, hyperlinks, basictemplate. Introduction to CSS 

Week 4: Design Guidelines part 3. Picture formats for theinternet Creating a page using Tables 
Week 5: Design Guidelines part 4. What is a web-server andhow to upload? What is a Domain and how can a browser find it? Creating a basicfull web design
Week 6: DesignGuidelines part 5.   Creating an advanced design using dreamweaver behavior

Week 7: Javascript, CSS, and Jquery
Week 8: Useful commonfeatures in dreamweaver to Work on your own homepage 
Week 9: Working on your homepage week 2. Security issues
Week 10: Upload and checking site. SEO and social media features

Course Title: Web Design and Development
Tuition Fee: RMB 3200

Classes Available:
Wednesday evening 6:30p.m. to 9:00p.m.
Dates: October 10  to December 12, 2012

Location: SOHO- Xiandaicheng:
Course Code: WEB302
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