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Finding an inspiring and results-oriented Chinese class can be hard work. Mandarin classes at many schools are commonly taught by native Chinese teachers using homegrown educational methods. Our class teaches Mandarin using recognizable Western educational techniques and methods that foreign students respond better to. This course is intended for the beginner who wants to become conversationally functional in Chinese relatively quickly. We will focus on “everyday Chinese”, the words and phrases essential to making your own way in daily life. Because this is an activity-based course which employs a broad range of activities and exercises designed to get you talking (and listening) effectively, you will continuously use and reinforce what you already know while acquiring new material. The activities are fun and entertaining, with topics and content selected to be both engaging and relevant. You will become well versed in such typical situations as introductions, visiting a friend, asking and giving directions, shopping (and bargaining!), restaurant, speaking on the telephone, traveling, and emergency essentials. At the end of the ten weeks, you will be conversational on a basic level and possess a strong foundation – the grammar and usage, sentence patterns, phrases, vocabulary, and pronunciation -- upon which to pursue further study toward the goal of total fluency.

Increasing numbers of people coming to live and work throughout China are learning to speak Mandarin, the language that binds this huge and diverse nation together, from Shenzhen to Hohhot, from Kunming to Harbin. Our journey through the Chinese language will be an eye-opening and educational adventure, offering vivid glimpses of a unique culture while getting you out and about chatting with locals. For those of you who have already made the plunge, the language can sometimes seem daunting. This course aims to make learning Chinese accessible and fun, guiding learners toward their goals of speaking with confidence and enthusiasm, from restaurants to mobile phones, taxis to tea time.

We will focus on practical applications that can be used every day, while cultivating an understanding of the language and how it works that will be vital to your success. This amazing and delightful language will be an invaluable tool as you maneuver your way through this exciting and rewarding land. Also included in the class is an introduction to Chinese characters: the rhyme, reason, and logic behind the form.

All sections are tailored to start at the students convenience. Minimum class sign up is 10hrs. Classes can be scheduled anytime between 7:00am and 9:30pm 7 days a week.

Course Title: Chinese Language I (Private Classes)
Tuition Fee: RMB 1800 15hrs
Material Fee: 150RMB

Classes Available:
Class times vary depending on student availability
Dates: Call for more information 8580-3111
Location: SOHO - XianDaiCheng:
Course Code: CHNPRV
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Registration Procedure:
Please register online first to reserve your place. You will then receive a confirmation email. Next, payment must be made on site at the ELC Learning Annex during the payment dates (you can come in person or send someone).

Please note:
Our classes are kept small for the students' benefit (generally between 5 and 10 people), so please register early to reserve your place. Your place in the class cannot be guaranteed until payment has been received. Any course that does not meet sufficient enrollment may be cancelled and a full refund provided upon presentation of your original receipt.