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Taught by: Amber Parker
Matthew Niederhauser
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Agnes Haryuni

The goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the uses and functions of Photoshop, from retouching photos to the creation of a personal Web page, from moviemaking and animation to graphic design for magazines and other publications. We will open up new horizons and possibilities for you as we tap into your own creative abilities and connect them with the latest technology. We will cover the enormous potential of this software and explore the many ways in which a deeper understanding of Photoshop can help you to generate and develop new visual ideas. In other words, we will guide you through the technical aspects in order to help you realize your true creative potential. You will learn the use of plug-ins and how to integrate with other programs such as Bridge, Illustrator Flash, and others in order to optimize Photoshop for maximum results, importing and exporting pictures from one application to another. You will learn to analyze compatibility issues from one format to another, and from one platform to another, to select the most appropriate formats, resolutions, and s. You will learn to use filters, as well as the contrast and color parameters to get the most out of each artwork, sometimes transforming a boring or poor-quality photo into a wonderful graphic creation.

All of the theory and technical issues that you learn can be applied in concrete projects that you will execute as if for a client or advertising agency according to industry standards. We will also explore the use of Photoshop among contemporary artists, photojournalists, and photographers, and see how this amazing program has changed our approach to the visualization of reality, as any still or moving image can be manipulated today. After this ten week class, you will have a strong understanding of the philosophical issues and implications of what can be called a true revolution in imaging.

Get hands-on practice in image production, masking, selection, resolution, layers, tones, patterns, textures, filters, prepress, multimedia presentations, and more. Layering techniques, including layer masks, adjustment layers, applying layer styles, layer clipping groups, blending modes, understanding and manipulating alpha channels, color/image correction, files for output, resolution and scanning issues, the uses of paths in Photoshop, clipping paths, and filter finesses are all covered. Along the way, we identify tips and shortcuts to boost your productivity.

This course will also include a wealth of invaluable learning materials such as Photography E-Books, Videos and Software which will be provided throughout the course and can be taken with you at the end of ten weeks.

Course Title: Photoshop
Tuition Fee: RMB 3200
Material Fee: RMB 100

Classes Available:
Thursday evening 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Dates: Oct 11 to Dec 9

Location: SOHO-Xiandaicheng:
Course Code: PSP301
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