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Intensive Workshop (suitable for beginner to advanced students)

Managing HR in China’s increasingly diverse, dynamic, and complicated environment is more challenging than ever before. It's up to managers and supervisors to understand changing workforce dynamics and manage effectively across cultures. In this workshop, we will analyze the multicultural concerns that affect relationships, communications, and performance, and develop strategies for recognizing, developing, and motivating multicultural work groups. You will learn to examine your own culturally developed interpersonal orientation and behavior and overcome problems caused by different patterns of communications, as we explore communications differences in oral and written presentations, meetings and interviews, conflict and negotiation. Through discussion, readings, and simulation, students gain an overview of the tools and techniques available to manage conflict and resolve disputes. Methods of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are discussed. Topics include perception, motivation, decision making, delegation, communication, job and organizational design, group behavior and behavior modification, and administrative processes including organizational power and politics.
Discover the value of diagnostic techniques and assessment tools for enhancing organizational effectiveness. Experience the diagnostic cycle with real business cases.

  • Build skills using force field analysis, focus groups, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Management Tool.

  • Develop the skills to handle conflict, solve disputes, influence decisions, and smooth over interpersonal relationships, achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • Learn the practical application of negotiation methodologies through readings, discussion, and role-play exercises.

  • Gain an understanding of the function of human behavior in organizations, and explore behavioral influences that affect productivity, organizational effectiveness, and efficiency.

  • Participate in and apply real-world problems in group and individual exercises and analysis of case studies. Foster positive teamwork and harness the creative power that stems from a productive environment through the power of group commitment, the effective use of communication and feedback, and the avoidance of energy drains and dis-empowerment.

  • Develop an awareness of your own communication patterns, as well as the patterns of those around you. Create rapport and establish trust by applying key communication concepts and highly effective strategies to maximize communication.

Managers who excel are not only skillful at managing others, they are also exceptional leaders. Effective decision making is quickly evolving into one of the most important differentiators between personal and organizational success and failure.

  • Zero in on the difference between management and leadership skills, and learn to recognize which to use in a given situation.

  • Examine the five fundamental practices of exemplary leadership, develop a leadership approach based on your strengths, and explore techniques to develop leadership skills in others.

  • We will examine the process behind decision making, explore various models/theories, and look at correlating leadership styles.

  • Examine your own decision-making style and that of others, learning to make strategic decisions more easily, effectively, and with greater confidence.

  • Gain the ability to lead, inspire, and supervise others in a way that builds staff support and gets results, turning potential into reality.

Course Title: HR Workshop
Tuition Fee: RMB 3200

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