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On one hot summer day in Beijing in 2004, a former American professor was saying to his wife how much he missed teaching English literature classes to his adult students back in the U.S., and how much he would love to do something like that here. But, after conducting some research, he found that there was simply no place to do it. China had no adult education courses where expats could take part-time classes in English. At that point, he approached some universities with the idea, formed some partnerships, and began offering a variety of Western-education programs here in Beijing. Before long however, it became apparent that he and his "partners" did not share a common vision for providing quality education at an affordable price.  And, as operating the classes in cooperation with the big-brand schools became more-and-more difficult, he decided, with the support of the teachers, the students, and his local community center,  to form a new expat learning center apart from the major universities, and that is how the Expat Learning Center was born.

ELC's team is comprised of professional artists, designers, instructors, and others who are committed to providing the highest-quality education possible at affordable prices, and within a comfortable and supportive learning environment. This is the same team of individuals who operated the program from its inception, having served more than 350 expats living in Beijing and Shanghai since October, '05. We welcome you to join us now, as we strive to create a community for education, culture, and the arts among expats here in China.  Please feel free to browse our course descriptions and instructor profiles for a better idea of who we are and what we do.
Western Classes
Taught in English by caring, helpful, and experienced instructors who provide a western 2-way learing environment

Cozy Classrooms
Come and learn in a casual, relaxed environment, at our local community center, conveniently located at SOHO connected to the DaWangLu subway station.

Foreign Instructors
who are recognized in their field for outstanding achievement, and who also possess university teaching experience.

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New: Filmmaking: Now you can be the star of your own movie, as you learn to plan, write, direct, act in, and produce professional quality video.  This course also covers the technical aspects of filmmaking. Read more.