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Follow Your Dreams at ELC
Welcome to The Expat Learning Center! ELC provides expats with the same types of adult-ed classes that you would expect to find back home at your local college, and with the same level of commitment to academic excellence and professionalism. All of our courses are taught in English by caring instructors who are recognized in their field for outstanding achievement. Coming back to school has never been this much fun!

New Sessions Starting: Every 4 weeks
Most classes meet once per week for 10 weeks, generally on weekday mornings, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.  Some evening and weekend classes are available. Please browse our Classes Section for detailed course descriptions, instructor profiles, fees, schedule, registration information.

Photoshop, English for Expatriates (Group), Chinese Language I (Private Classes), Chinese Language I (Immersion Classes), Dance: Latin American, Interior Design, Chinese History and Culture
Western Classes
Taught in English by caring, helpful, and experienced instructors who provide a western 2-way learing environment

Cozy Classrooms
Come and learn in a casual, relaxed environment, at our local community center, conveniently located at SOHO connected to the DaWangLu subway station.

Foreign Instructors
who are recognized in their field for outstanding achievement, and who also possess university teaching experience.

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New: Filmmaking: Now you can be the star of your own movie, as you learn to plan, write, direct, act in, and produce professional quality video.  This course also covers the technical aspects of filmmaking. Read more.